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    Blue Child Learning Game is a free drag and drop game for your babies, toddlers and kids. Kids can easily learn matching of numbers, alphabets and shapes with this puzzle game. This educational game will help your toddler to improve motor skills, concentration and memory.

    How to play
    • It’s an easy drag and drop game!
    • Touch and drag the numbers, alphabets or shapes and drop them onto their shadows.
    • In order to finish a level, all the pieces are needed to be put in the correct shadow.
    • After finishing items to place, you can go to next level.
    • There are many levels on each category.

    Game features
    • Child-friendly interface for babies and kids
    • Easy movement of pieces across screen
    • Numbers up to 1, 2, …, 10, 20, … ,100
    • Alphabets up to A, B, C, …, Z
    • Shapes: square, rectangle, star, ellipse, circle etc.
    • Funny music
    • Colorful graphics and design
    • No in-app purchase

    Blue Child Learning Game is a simple, fun, and cute game for babies, toddlers, and kindergarten kids! Have fun!
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    Blue Math Game, which includes the four basic math operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - is a free and fun mathematics game. Adults and older people can practice math and exercise their brain by having fun with this free math game.
    Fun 4 basic math operations game to improve your math and exercise your brain!

    How to play
    • Select the math operation you want to practice
    • Choose from 4 different levels; from the easiest to the hardest.
    • Make the calculations within the given time, click on one of the answer options.
    • Get points for each correct answer.
    • You lose one of your lives for every wrong answer.
    • If your score at the end of the game is higher than your highest score, it is written on the scoreboard.

    Game features
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division exercises
    • 4 difficulty levels for each math operation
    • Different game times for each level
    • 3 lives to choose wrong answer for 3 times
    • Separate scoreboard for each math operation
    • Colorful graphics and design
    • No in-app purchases

    You will see that your brain works more efficiently and faster with this game that you can easily play every day. Download this free game to improve your math skills and start having fun!

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